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The following is the information that we think most people would like to know before embarking on a journey like this.  After reading this if you have any questions please email us via the link below.



-All players MUST be able to read music.

-With the exception of percussionists all players must provide their own instrument.

-Our assumption from the start is that all players will possess enough knowledge and ability on their instrument that they can play and contribute comfortably and musically to the ensemble.  (ie. we will not be teaching folks how to play their instrument). Our desire is that as musicians grow, we will take on more challenging music.

-Participants are expected to attend weekly rehearsals.

-Participants are expected to be musically prepared for rehearsals.


With 50 members, the Kawartha Lakes Concert Band has a near complete instrumentation.  When we have a need we will post the opening on our website and send out a message to our mailing list.  We require all prospective band members to do a simple audition.  This allows us to remain confident that any new members who join will be able to help move the group forward.

Notices for auditions are posted on this website  at the beginning of July and auditions take place the first week of August.  If you are interested in auditioning please drop us a message and we will include you on our mailing list so that you receive a heads-up when we are about to post for available openings.


We will provide all players with their own folder containing all music the ensemble is working on.  The folder will be yours for the year to take home for practice purposes.  Players are welcome to make markings on the music in PENCIL ONLY.  As we finish with each piece of music we ask that people erase all markings and then the music will be collected and returned to its appropriate library (some music will be purchased by KLCB and some will likely be borrowed from school libraries in the area).


Rehearsals take place at the Lakelands Funeral Home in Lindsay on Monday evenings from 7 – 9 .  We sometimes offer optional sectional rehearsals on Wednesday evenings from 7 - 8 and individual coaching from 8 - 9 pm (by appointment) for those members that would like some extra time.  Our year runs with the school year from September to June.  We respect all long weekends and other school holidays so that you can be with your family.  When Monday  evenings get cancelled due to long weekend holidays or weather we move our regular rehearsal to Wednesday evening at the same time and sectionals are cancelled for that week.  


We aim to do a concert around Christmas, one mid-year (usually around April 1) and a year-end performance in June.  Depending on how the year progresses we endeavour to also provide a couple other smaller performances, workshops or festival opportunities for our members.



We ask all members to contribute the nominal amount of $250/year to cover the operational costs of the ensemble. This can be paid in two payments of $125 each in September and February.  Please note that there are no partial fee rates for those who plan to miss significant amounts of our performance year due to travel or extended vacations.  It is important to us that members are committed to both their membership in the group as well as our level of performance. 


No. We will not ask members to raise additional funds through individual fund-raising activities.  People are busy enough with families and work etc.  We will ask members to assist with the selling of tickets to performances as any profits we make through performance will obviously assist us in our ongoing operations. 


As we move along if we discover for some reason that we require any additional money we will come up with a plan that can be applied to our operations the next year.


Members will be expected to have appropriate ‘all black’ concert attire for performances.


From past experience we know that it is hugely valuable to seek advice and suggestions by bringing in knowledgeable, musical folks to give objective ideas for growth.  We like to have different conductors and clinicians come visit and share their thoughts and ideas and work with us.  


We will reach out to other bands and choirs from within our community and across the province.  Many of us already have connections with other wonderful performing ensembles and it would be awesome to be able to work with them in one way or another. 


As previously stated, one of our goals for this ensemble is to grow music in our community and in our schools.  To accomplish this we will be taking some members who are high school music students.  These folks will be recommended and supported by their school music teachers. 


As well, we like to provide the opportunity to our CoKL schools to play with us at times - whether in a workshop setting or performance.  It is always great to have an event where they get to play their music with a large ensemble of people who can play well.


We tell you of these things now before you commit to this group because for me it is an important part of the reason for the creation of this ensemble.  We would like the KLCB to be a great performance opportunity for adults that want to play some really great music as well as have it inspire young people and provide them with a place that they can stretch their musical muscles.


KLCB is a member of the Kawartha Lakes Arts Council.  That keeps us connected with the Arts and Culture community in the CoKL.  This allows us to support them as well as connect us to other performers, venues and events in the community.


If you have any instruments that you are not currently using but that you might be willing to loan to another person so they can participate, please let us know and we may be able to assist in connecting you with someone who would love this opportunity but who does not have access to one.


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