The three main goals of the Kawartha Lakes Concert Band are as follows.


1.   Provide City of Kawartha Lakes musicians with a high quality adult Concert Band.

We will…

-provide adult musicians with a place where they can play quality concert band repertoire in a full ensemble within their own community.

-use carefully chosen repertoire that will reflect the ensembles current abilities,  with an ear to always increasing the quality of our performances.

-take a carefully guided and respectful approach to weekly rehearsals

-access learning/growing opportunities such as the occasional festival and clinic.

-take advantage of local community performance opportunities to showcase great music to our community.


2.   Inspire and support the musical development of young musicians in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

We will…

-encourage the involvement of accomplished high school musicians in the KLCB

-support our local school music programs through collaborative performances, workshops and demonstrations.

3.   Bring affordable musical entertainment and enrichment to the City of Kawartha Lakes.

We will...

-provide easily accessible music entertainment to our community through affordable performances (both low cost and free).

KLCB Current Members


Lynn Burkholder

Jennifer Bartlett

Laurie Jolicoeur

Diane Lansdell

Kelly Pogue

Kathleen Rainey

Jess Reeson

Dianna Scates

Beth Wilson


Linda Brown


Tara Arnold

David Boyd

Sherry Fennell

Tanya Garland

Eric Lansdell

Chantel Lawton

Catherine Mann

Colleen Morrison

Jordan Murphy

Janis Neuland

Randy Read

Cheryl Roffe

Jordyn Roffe

Stephanie Wagner*

Bass Clarinet

Brooklyn Currins

LeeAnne McLeod-Lloyd

Alto Saxophone

Heidi Annis

Bridie Andrus

Sarah Kamerman

Denyse Rowe

Stephen Whitnall

Tenor Saxophone

Sarah Bottomley

Cassie DeFrancesco

Ben Whyte

Baritone Saxophone

Ian Morrison



Michelle Corley

Keira Cummings

Julie Hancin

Eileen Isaac

Brian Kelsey

Pete McArthur

Martin Neuland

Erin Quinn

Perry Sisson

Holly Smith

Katie van de Valk

Zarina Varley Scott

French Horn

Adam Jones

Ruth Morden

Kaitlyn Thibodeau


Andrew Grant

Patrick Kelley

Mike Kleinhuis

Mark Maitman

Mike Wright


Norm Bailey

Jamie Morris


Sheri Brenneman

Clive Walton

Jeff Whyte


Josh Boyachek

Sam Kleinhuis

Pat Murphy

Electric Bass / Percussion

Graeme Morrison

* temporarily on leave